Nani In A Box

It seems you have found a box.~
Why not take a look inside, yea?


Physical Works

Other Works & Projects

A peek into what I'm up to. I'm currently learning how to 3D model, so maybe in the future I can sell physical 3D models and nik-naks.
You will see a lot of character photography here as well.


As cons are starting to come back, it's time to start tabling again!!
Stay tuned to watch me grow~


My name is Nani and I'm an otter vtuber, streamer, freelance artist, and business owner. I am also disabled and neurodivergent, so if you ever drop by my streams, please be kind, respectful, and open-minded. Thank you.
I'm mostly an 18+ streamer and artist due to adult language, humor, and suggestive-themed art.


You can find me on my socials.
If you need to reach me, message me on Twitter.
For business inquiries, please contact me through email if you have it.